Page 38 – 39 / 1941 – 42

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‘Order of the Day’ issued by General A. P. Wavell, 10/02/42, encouraging British forces not to surrender.

It is certain that our troops in Singapore Island heavily outnumber any Japanese who have crossed the straits. We must destroy them.

Our whole fighting reputation is at stake and the honor of the British Empire. The Americans have held out on the Bataan Peninsula against far heavier odds, the Russians are turning back the picked strength of the Germans, the Chinese with an almost complete lack of modern equipment have held the Japanese for four and a half years. It will be disgraceful if we yield our boasted fortress of Singapore to inferior enemy forces.

There must be no thought of sparing the troops or civil population and no mercy must be shown to weakness in any shape or form. Commanders and senior officers must lead their troops and if necessary die with them. There must be question or thought of surrender. Every unit must fight it out to the end and in close contact with the enemy.

Please see that the above is brought to the notice of all Senior Officers and by them to the Troops.
I look to you and to you men to fight to the end to prove that the fighting spirit that won our Empire still exist to enable us to defend it.

10/2/42/. (Sgd) A.P. Wavell. General.

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‘Don’t forget the Scrounger’. Announcement about ‘The Scrounger’ camp magazine (issue focussing on “story of our internment”).


The Souvenir issue of “The Scrounger,” the Chani magazine, will be published as soon as possible after release. This number will tell in narrative form, with sketches, paintings, cartoons, photographs, and maps, the whole story of our interment.

There will be additional articles to deal with “The Double Tenth”, “How we got the News”, and other items of special interest.

A reprint of the Register will assist you to keep in touch with friends.

Particulars will be posted to all ex-internees as soon as arrangements have been completed; copies can then be booked in advance.

Joint editors:-
J.N.D. Harrison.       LONDON ADDRESS
A.C Maxwell.             c/o Overseas League
F.C. Tuck.                     St James, LONDON