Pages 56 – 57 / 1942

The Last Gallant Fight of H.M.A.S “Perth”

We’ve lost well four hundred men, from the finest land on earth; they fought it to the bitter end, and went down with the “Perth”. It was a glorious action, against over-whelming odds. And they showed how “Aussies” stick it when unfavoured by the Gods.

At the first gun thundered “Action” they were ready undismayed and as the battle raged about them their courage was displayed for steadfast to their duty with Nelson as their guide and comrades falling round them, T’was thus they fought and died.

With all her shells expended, she slid beneath the sea, and though her name spells “Liberty” so think of them with honour, as they rest below the waves, they fought for king and country and sleep in sailor’s graves

By C.E.A. Duncan, R.A.N
H.M.A.S “Perth